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Aliextractor is Strong and powerful as super hero

We would like to thank our early-adopters and Affiliates who have jumped on board and started using AliExtractor. Your comments and feedback during the launch of our new app have been invaluable to our development team, and we have appreciated your professional contributions and overwhelming positive response to all the tools we’ve provided in AliExtractor.

AliExtractor is supported by the e-commerce leaders at Dropified. If you are using any of our other tools such as Dropified or ASINspector, you know that we are dedicated to the success and growth of our members.

We’re not just an e-commerce software provider, we’re a rapidly growing and passionate community of members at all levels of expertise; from beginners venturing into online drop-ship retail for the first time, all the way up to successful entrepreneurs who have scaled to $100,000 per month or more, with multiple shops. Our culture is about creating more success stories and giving you the tools and strategic resources you need to win at e-commerce.

In the new post-launch website for AliExtractor, you’ll see additional training resources that will help get you started, as you begin to drill-down into all the exciting features. We’ll admit we’ve been super busy supporting our new members and Affiliates during our product launch, but we’d really like you to follow us on Facebook to make sure that you don’t miss upcoming strategy webinars, tutorials and new feature rollout announcements.

The response on Facebook has been amazing, and we’re excited to see more than 6,000 business owners have already joined us! Get ready for daily tips that will help you maximize all the features and cashback rewards that are exclusive to AliExtractor members. Your insights help us constantly improve our SaaS e-commerce tools, and we look forward to your comments and feedback.

Website Resources for AliExtractor Members

  • We’ve completed a comprehensive knowledge base for AliExtractor, to make it easy to get the answers you need about our app.
  • Visit our FAQ page if you are just getting started.
  • Contact our Support team for 1:1 assistance. We’re here to help!
  • Check out our YouTube channel for tutorials on using all the product discovery and research tools, competitive sales analytics and more.

Now let’s talk about our blog. As e-commerce experts, our team supports your success by providing actionable insights not only about our AliExtractor software, but also strategic tips about marketing, customer service, promotional strategies, SEO and PPC tactics and much more. Put our blog on your bookmark bar for a quick reference and free advice you will be able to use to scale your sales.

You made a great decision when you chose to join our community and use AliExtractor to save time and earn more money in your drop-shipping business(s). On behalf of our team, thank you for making AliExtractor part of your e-commerce growth strategy.

Chase Bowers

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