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This is heaven sent.

This [AliExtractor] is heaven sent. Lately, I have been so bogged down with manual research that I was feeling like a hamster on a wheel! Thank you for this! I love that it is a one-time fee…!!

Francine Sinclair

AliExtractor solved the biggest problem that all eCommerce sellers have…

…finding good products. Until now, it’s taken a ton of work, a lot of manual searching, and this tool is just sick. It does it all for you, it makes it so much easier to find profitable products…

Nate McCallister

I am a fan! You totally rock!

I’ve been using the tool for about a week now…being able to find items and qualified suppliers in significantly less time has totally short-circuited my ability to create bundles a lot faster then I was. So I wanted to say “Thank you guys, I appreciate it, great job, I am a fan!”

Barbra Dryski

It’s an absolutely awesome tool!

If you’re dropshipping from AliExpress and using Shopify it’s a complete no-brainer for this tool. One of my favorite things about it is the fact that you can quickly find trending and best selling products…so you can quickly see which ones are going to be winners and which ones to discard. I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of AliExtractor, you’re gonna absolutely love it.

Bradley Long