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AliExtractor is the #1 tool for product discovery and research on AliExpress

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Grow Your eCommerce With Products From AliExpress

AliExtractor is a super-powered, product researching, competition outsmarting, sales-generating machine for your Shopify, CommerceHQ or WooCommerce store.

Get advanced analytical reports to help you choose only the best products with the highest sales potential. Eliminate the loss-leaders and no-sell products, and choose proven sales performing merchandise.

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AliExtractor is the #1 tool for product discovery and research on AliExpress.

We asked eCommerce business owners about the most difficult and time-consuming part of running a drop shipping business, and they all agreed that there had to be a better way to find high-demand products quickly. So we made one.

AliExtractor helps eliminate guessing, or ‘throwing a dart’ at products that MIGHT sell and vendors who MIGHT be good to work with. Improve your sales volume, reduce the administrative nightmare of working with poorly rated vendors, and get the intel you need to make all the right choices.

Save hours every week! Explore refined filters that let you drill-down into the specifics to make an informed product choice:

  • How many units you have sold?
  • What variants are top sellers?
  • Identify products with bonus cash-back. Pick the products that pay you more!
  • What vendors are trust-worthy and highly rated?
  • How reliable is the vendor supply inventory?

Once you have identified the products you want to add to your shop, AliExtractor makes it easy to:

  • Download a .zip file of the product images and variants.
  • Download a .csv file of the product information.
  • Grab REAL customer reviews from satisfied buyers.
  • Calculate optimal profit margins for mixed pricing strategy.

Wait! Seriously?

  • Elaborate on this competition thing, cause now you have my attention.
  • With AliExtractor, you can legitimately scope out the competition to find out:
  • What are the Top Selling Products in ANY Niche?
  • How many units have been sold?
  • How much revenue are they generating?
  • How many competitors sell a product?
  • What Vendor has the best rating and why?