Social Proof and Product Testimonials: How to Download Five-Star Reviews Using AliExtractor


Social Proof and Product Testimonials: How to Download Five-Star Reviews Using AliExtractor

Getting product reviews and service testimonials have traditionally been a lot of work for drop shipping e-commerce business owners. If you are setting up your first shop, you already have your hands full doing product research and discovery, writing amazing descriptions for each product, blogging, managing your social media and advertising promotions … phew! We get it. Reviews might seem like a ‘nice to have’ thing that you’ll get around to (eventually).

But trying to scale your sales without product reviews, will impair your revenue potential. Worse yet, without product and service reviews, consumers will have a hard time trusting the validity of your business and reputation.

Remember, consumers are literally putting their money and credit card information on the line to make a purchase with you. So, you want them to feel confident about your business, and about the quality of the products (and services) they will receive if they choose to be a customer.

Learn why product reviews are essential to growing e-commerce sales, and how AliExtractor can help you make a strong start, by providing 1-click download of 4-star and 5-star reviews on AliExpress products.

Why Do Product and Service Reviews Matter?

You may be comfortable with ordering everything you need online, but for many consumers and in specific product niches like fashion or technology, ordering something online can be a bit of a gamble. They can’t see the product, hold it in their hands and evaluate it the way they would do in a traditional retail store. That’s why encouraging YOUR customers to share their reviews on both the products and service they received from you, is so important.

One of the most insightful articles we want to share, is from Neil Patel. Check out his tips and explanation of the importance of social proof and product reviews on business and e-commerce websites: “7 Things You MUST Understand When Leveraging Social Proof in Your Marketing Efforts”.

Let’s Talk About Fake Reviews (and How to Avoid Using Them)

We would really like to say that there is ‘no such thing’ as a fake or fictious product review on AliExpress, but we know better. Remember that there are thousands of manufacturers in China, competing to sell similar products in direct competition with each other. That competition is a good thing; it keeps wholesale prices low. But it also means some shady practices by a few vendors, who are looking to game the system and gain that competitive sales advantage of five-star ratings.

We could tell you all about fake reviews, but we’d rather show you how big the problem really is. Here is one example on the freelance service site Fiverr. While Fiverr doesn’t have an official service category for writing fake reviews, that hasn’t stopped freelancers around the world from offering it as a service. Take a look here to see what we mean.

Do you know how to tell a fake review from a real one? Your customers do, so it’s really important to be skeptical of product reviews on AliExpress and to choose only the reviews that offer authentic feedback from customers who have purchased the products.

Here are some of the red-flags to watch out for:

  • A vendor that has only 100% 5-star reviews. They’ve sold millions of units but never had one single unhappy customer? Yeah, we don’t buy that (and neither will your customer).
  • A vendor that has long and virtuous (almost evangelical) product reviews. Think about the last time you left a Google review? Was it 300 words long? Probably not. But a vendor writing their own reviews will definitely contribute feedback that appears too good to be true (because it is).

When you use the AliExtractor app, you can single-click download all available 4-star and 5-star reviews for that product. Here’s the catch… spend the time and select the most authentic and helpful reviews for your shop.

What do good reviews really look like, and what type of reviews should you be adding to your shop?

  • Some have spelling errors. Shoppers are human too. Don’t discount a great review because it has a grammatical or spelling error.
  • Usually about 1-3 sentences long.
  • They pick a feature (or two) specific to the product to share what they liked, and how they use it. Remember, when someone is really stoked about a product they bought, they will be specific about the value benefits of their purchase.

AliExtractor makes it easy to download and select 4-star and 5-star reviews on AliExpress. Check out this tutorial on YouTube, and start populating your store with reviews that will convert views to sales. One of the best parts about downloading reviews using AliExtractor, is that you can select domestic reviews and filter by country. How’s that for relevancy and social proof?

Collecting Direct Reviews from Your Customer

Some brand advocates and buyers will share their review, because they are really satisfied with their purchase and the products you feature on your site. But leaving a review takes time and effort, and collecting great reviews often means putting a little creative incentive behind it. Make it worth their while by providing them with a coupon, a special discount on their next order.

Remember to design your e-commerce site which call-to-action banners (CTA’s) that ask repeatedly for customer reviews. If you are collecting email subscribers, add that coupon or incentive information to the confirmation email your customers receive, to prompt a product review after they receive their order. Ask for them, incentivize them and apply your own customer UX reviews to your site every month.

Apps for Collecting and Managing Customer Reviews

If you are just getting started, there are many different and low-cost apps and plug-in’s that you can use to collect real customer reviews for your e-commerce site. Here are some quick links to the review apps by popular selling platform.

If you are running your drop shipping store from a private domain and WordPress site, there are many amazing plug-ins to choose from that integrate with virtually every theme. Check out some of the most highly rated review management options for WordPress sites, and demos.

Try using your AliExtractor app today and start downloading trending high-volume sales products from AliExpress. Click to download the .CSV file for product specifications, grab your .zip file of product images and variants, and don’t forget to download all available product reviews for that vendor. Then simply pick and choose the ones that offer the most value and upload those reviews directly to your store.

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