You now have access to AliExtractor.

We know that you’re ready to dive right in and fire up AliExtrator… so please watch the quick setup video and/or follow the written instructions below to get AliExtractor up and running quickly.

AliExtractor Setup Instructions

AliExtractor Step-By-Step Setup Guide

AliExtractor Step-By-Step Setup Guide

1. Get Your License Activation Code

When you purchased AliExtractor, we sent you an email with your activation code. Please check your email now and locate that email. It is Subject: “Your AliExtractor Activation Code”  From [email protected]

Once you locate that email, copy the activation code, as you will need it shortly to license and activate AliExtractor.

Note:  If don’t find it in your inbox or spam folder Click Here  and have it resent.  It can take up to an hour we have seen to arrive in your email inbox and in some rare cases we do find it to get lost in internet black-hole send us an email.

2. Download Google Chrome Browser

If you do not already have the Google Chrome Browser, you will need to download and install it in order to run AliExtractor.

You can download Chrome here.

3. Download the AliExtractor Chrome Extension

You can download the AliExtractor browser extension from the Google Chrome Store here.

4. Activate AliExtractor

In order to activate AliExtractor for the first time, you need to open up the Chrome Browser, then go to

Once you’re on, perform a simple search using the keyword ballons.

After the results are loaded, click on the AliExtractor ICON and this will load the tool for the first time.

Once the tool loads, an authentication box will appear allowing you to choose Google or Facebook.

Once you select, and you have authenticated you software, you will be presented with a dialog box to enter your license code.

Enter the Activation code you retrieved in the first step and click ‘Save’.

Once validated, you will be licensed and ready to start finding top selling products!

5. Like Our Facebook Page for Instant Updates

If you have not already ‘liked’ our AliExtractor Facebook page, please click the link below, then click the ‘like’ button to get instant updates on all our latest news and updates.

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