If you sell or buy physical products… this may be one of the most amazing tools you’ve ever seen

AliExtractor not only finds you the best selling products in the niche of your choice… it does it in seconds!

AND just by using this newest technology, YOU can earn $ for purchasing products you would have bought anyways! That’s right!! You get a rebate of cash back for almost every item you purchase, sell or give away!

YES! I Want Instant Access To High-ROI Products!

#1 Tool for AliExpress Product Research!

There is one BIG PROBLEM with AliExpress. It’s information overload, making it nearly impossible for you to be sure you’re making a smart decision. Wish there was a way to know ahead of time exactly which products fly off shelves? Now there is…

AliExtractor uncovers exactly how many products a vendor is already selling per month (in units and sales dollars)… saving you hundreds of hours on product research and SO much more! How sweet is that?!

Guess what?! YOU get paid to source new products, or on products you already sell!!

The Ultimate INTEL Software

Ever wonder why other sellers seem to have “insider info” on what sells and what doesn’t? With AliExtractor, there are no hidden secrets to selling online anymore!

  • Get INSTANT sales volume data and number of units sold per month
  • YOU Get paid up to 8% to source new products, or on products you already sell
  • Get INSTANT sales trend data like price history and sales rank over time
  • Know EXACTLY who are the best Vendors to work with
  • Uncover products customers love that you never would have thought of
  • Discover great product ideas on AliExpress and be the leader of trending products
  • Locate and test good products quickly and easily, before wasting your time and money on products that don’t sell
  • Gain an unfair advantage over the competition!

Wait! Seriously? Elaborate on this, cause now you have my attention.

With AliExtractor, you can legitimately scope out which products vendors are already successfully selling

  • What are the Top Selling Products in ANY Niche?
  • How many units are they selling each month?
  • How much revenue are they generating?
  • How much cash back is given on a particular product?
  • What Vendor has the best rating and why?

Plus, Cut Your Product Research by 13 hours PER WEEK!

AliExtractor automatically extracts loads of DATA, analyzes sales trends and finds products that sell so you don’t have to waste another second on product research.

Check out this case study!

This is heaven sent.

This [AliExtractor] is heaven sent. Lately, I have been so bogged down with manual research that I was feeling like a hamster on a wheel! Thank you for this! I love that it is a one-time fee…!!

Francine Sinclair

AliExtractor solved the biggest problem that all eCommerce sellers have…

…finding good products. Until now, it’s taken a ton of work, a lot of manual searching, and this tool is just sick. It does it all for you, it makes it so much easier to find profitable products…

Nate McCallister

I am a fan! You totally rock!

I’ve been using the tool for about a week now…being able to find items and qualified suppliers in significantly less time has totally short-circuited my ability to create bundles a lot faster then I was. So I wanted to say “Thank you guys, I appreciate it, great job, I am a fan!”

Barbara Dryski

It’s an absolutely awesome tool!

If you’re dropshipping from AliExpress and using Shopify it’s a complete no-brainer for this tool. One of my favorite things about it is the fact that you can quickly find trending and best selling products…so you can quickly see which ones are going to be winners and which ones to discard. I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of AliExtractor, you’re gonna absolutely love it.

Bradley Long

Our team is so confident you will love AliExtractor that we are willing to offer you an unconditional 14-day money back guarantee.

As entrepreneurs we frequently invest in our own business to help us create more automation, traffic, leads, and sales. That’s why we don’t make empty promises. We want you to invest in real results!

With AliExtractor you can try us out for 14-days, 100% risk free. See for yourself the true passion and support we give to our customers.

If for some reason you don’t love the fast research, the high ROI products, the data you discover, the time you save or the Commissions YOU earn for purchasing products to re-sell, just let us know, and you’ll get all your money back.

Does this work for Shopify stores outside the US?

Yes. It currently works in multiple countries. USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, India and more! Our software instantly calculates the currency of the platform you are searching on without any adjustments.

I sell mostly on eBay. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! You can bet that whatever is selling well on AliExpress is an ‘in demand’ item that will sell well on EBay as well!

Can I use this to find products for my Shopify store?

Yes! Many of our sellers sell on their own E-Commerce site/store like Shopify.

Does this work on any Browser?

AliExtractor is a Chrome extension and will only work on the Google Chrome web browser.  If you do not have Google Chrome you can download it here. Works perfectly whether you have a Windows or Macintosh machine.

Google Chrome is a free web browser that can be run on any computer and the AliExtractor Chrome extension can be installed and used on any desktop or laptop computer you have that is running Google Chrome!

Can I export the data?

Yes, you can easily export the data you have chosen to either a CSV file or an EXCEL file. AliExtractor will remember your last saved the options/data you have selected to research. These are the options that will instantly be downloadable in the format you choose!

Can I use this software on multiple computers and will the product stay up-to-date?

Yes, you will be issued a single license which is tied to one person, not one computer. So you can use it on your desktop at home/office or your laptop when on the go. The licensing ties to your Facebook, Chrome or Google accounts to confirm you are the user of the product.

As for updates… YES! We are constantly updating AliExtractor and love to hear your feedback on what could make it better as well!

Can I drill down and filter to obtain the search I’m looking for?

Yes, you can easily filter any category and or column and drill down to find exactly the parameters you are looking for. Save yourself hundreds of hours of time versus doing it manually.

Can I save my searches for easy reference later?

Yes with AliExtractor you are able to easily save and store your favorite searches so you can keep an eye on the competition.

Now does the reverse search work?

This is very easy – you simply go to Walmart, eBay or any number of other sites and search for what you want and then click the AliExtractor tool icon in your browser and it will bring up all the results that you just searched on Walmart or eBay and break them down. This is a huge time saver.

How do I scan using my mobile device?

Easy! With our mobile scanner you can scan any UPC/Barcode and have it loaded up into your AliExtractor to see if there is potential for you to sell it online. Quickly find products while your out and about doing your normal everyday stuff.

Uncover EXACTLY which products will make you the most money!

How does an 8% Cash Back Opportunity sound to you?!

It’s Decision Time!

Do research the old-fashioned way, take a lucky guess, waste countless hours and hope for the best…

…OR let AliExtractor uncover EXACTLY which products will make you the most money, and which products are already flying off the shelves.